The Russian organisation RACUS invites you to prestigious Russian State Universities to get a higher education qualification in about 500 specialities in Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology/Computer Science, Economics and Humanities plus many more.

RACUS has been operating in Zambia for the past five years and the number of students who have studied under this programme in Russia since then is over 150.

The main functions of RACUS include representation of Russian Universities abroad (holding exhibitions, seminars and conferences on education), enrolment of foreign students wishing to study in Russian universities. On request RACUS informs parents on the students progress and behaviour and represents students interests in the university and any other state authorities. Helping the student to be transferred to another university upon his or her request, change of speciality and assistance in case of unforeseen consequences including illness.


Enrolment requirements

        Five credits or better to include Maths, English and Sciences (statements of results/certificate)

       Copy of passport

       Agreement form prepared by RACUS

       Registration fees information is obtained at the local centre in Zambia

       First year fees are paid in full before departure for Russia.


Travel and Medical Examination

        The local office in Zambia arranges travel for students who are dispatched in groups of up to 10 persons.

        Upon arrival at the airport in Russia, students are met by RACUS representatives who help students reach their respective universities.

        Thorough medical examination is required which includes general and HIV/AIDS plus TB tests.